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12 December 2016
Drivers Guides | 
By Europcar | 

Portuguese roads are well-maintained, and visiting the country in a vehicle proves to be an easy way to see it. However, although the laws on road safety are nearly the same as for other European countries, you must […]

02 November 2016
Business Drivers Guides | 
By Europcar | 

A colourful stopover: when you’re on a business trip, you can take advantage of a short visit to Lisbon before catching your plane at Humberto Delgado or going back to your hotel. Guide to must-see places, specialities and […]

21 August 2016
Portugal | 
By Europcar | 

The Algarve is a stunning Portuguese region to visit. Its authentic seaside towns and villages, the cultural wealth that comes from being colonised by various countries, the varied local cuisine, the architectural heritage and the hospitality shown by […]