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Europcar’s best Cabriolet vehicles in 2018

Cabriolet rental is special. There’s nothing like being behind the wheel of a desirable car, such as the impressive Mercedes E-Class (extreme luxury), the Fiat 500 (small car fun), the Audi A3 (compact and stylish), the BMW 4-series (high performance quality) or the Abarth 124 Spider (a real sports car with classic Italian style) – all offer an exciting cabriolet driving experience that’ll take you to your destination in comfort and style.

Europcar’s luxurious range of sporty and elegant cabriolet models such as the Mercedes, Audi and BMW offer a truly memorable trip whether you´re renting a cabriolet for a special occasion or an essential journey. And if you´re after a smaller cabriolet why not try the Fiat 500? This little beauty is big on the benefits of cabriolet driving, with the added benefit of its small size, to fit down narrow streets and winding country bends.

Why rent a cabriolet?

Renting a cabriolet is a unique experience and the perfect way to explore towns, cities, coastal roads, mountain scenery or just your local neighbourhood. Cabriolet driving gives you a feeling of freedom – your senses awaken – you feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun, see the views and can almost reach out and touch your surroundings.

Renting a cabriolet from Europcar is more than just open air driving. The desirable range of models on offer means a luxurious journey, with all the extras you’d expect from top-of-the-range car rentals such as rear passenger space, warm air vents for those chillier trips, smooth handling, 20-30 second roof dropping and a swanky interior.

Let’s face it – renting a cabriolet is as much fun as arriving at your destination!



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