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The 5 most impressive seaside escapes in Australia

Rent a car from Europcar to discover and explore the many beautiful seaside locations in Australia. This island continent, as you may already know, is surrounded by lovely sea and adorned with natural wonders including flourishing cities. Furthermore, Australia’s wonderful landscape is a sight to behold, one that presents you with pleasurable scenes as you drive through to visit these many fantastic places.

Therefore, here are some of the most charming coastlines you should visit in Australia. The list includes five seaside locations, which are:

5. The Great Ocean Road (Vic)


Although this is the most popular coastal route in Australia that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be covered here. And, exceeding a 150-mile stretch, this coastline will keep you entertained as you drive through since there are fascinating surfing beaches to experience, fine rain-forest walking trails and clip-top views to see.

However, in order to get the best view of these scenes, you should drive through slowly so as to perfectly take it all in. Moreover, if you are doing this in summer you should drive through mid-week so that you can avoid the usual weekend crowd.

4. Bowman Scenic Drive (SA)


This scenic drive is in Beachport, South Australia and it takes about six hours to drive here from Melbourne. On the other hand, from Adelaide City, it will take you just four hours. The drive, which was named after Albert Bowman who served for two decades as councilor for the Beachport ward, presents lookouts from where one can park his/her car to enjoy wonderful views.

Some of the scenes that you will enjoy during this seaside escape are the Salmon Hole, which is a long winding beach that can be fished from as well. Another is the Bartlett Rocks with blowholes that can be active any time the sea is a little rough.

3. Eyre Peninsula (SA)


Now, if you are fascinated by long, isolated beaches as well as with fresh seafood, then the Eyre Peninsula is certainly for you. It is Australia’s true seafood capital. To enjoy this, do rent a car from us, Europcar, and spend at least a week visiting the entire shoreline from Whyalla​ south, to Port Lincoln, and from there up to the West Coast, and finally to Ceduna.

2. Bunurong Coastal Drive (Vic)


You don’t necessarily have to cover long distances to experience seaside bliss. In fact, the Bunurong Coastal Drive is a short 14-kilometer track between Cape Paterson and of course, Inverloch, which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to travel. Nevertheless, because of the stunning views, it holds such as the Eagle’s Nest rock formation, you will want to stop and look out again and again. Moreover, you can visit the Bunurong Environment Centre, which is located on the foreshore, to see one of Australia’s biggest private shell collections.

1. Grand Pacific Drive (NSW)


This 140-kilometer spectacular seaside drive is one that has a lot to offer. It will take you over the historic Sea Cliff Bridge through rain-forests including a number of seaside cities/townships like Shoalhaven, Kiama and others. Furthermore, your driving experience will include natural wonders and several beaches. Surely this will be one memory to relive again!



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