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Moving back to university

It’s the end of the summer holidays and after all the fun and excitement and resting up, or maybe working, it’s now time to turn your attention to that one big hurdle you have get over after every summer break. It’s time to start focusing on moving back to campus or your apartment. Important decisions have to be made. Several related questions are now tumbling through your mind begging to be answered. How will you move all your things back to your living quarters? When are you going to move? How much is it going to cost you? Who will be able to assist you, and do you have access to the right vehicle for moving?

This is the time when you turn to family, friends and a trusted partner such as Europcar for help in getting off to a smooth start for the new school year.

Money saving, budget living

Living on a budget is synonymous with going to college. It’s a reality we all know very well. This is that phase of life where scouting out and taking advantage of money saving deals becomes such a regular task that eventually it becomes an essential automatic function such as breathing. Is it less costly to rent a vehicle and make it a one-way journey rather than footing the cost of gas and having someone drive you there or taking public transportation? A bonus money saving option would be to pool with a college mate to do the rental and journeying together.

Helpful friends and family


Friends and family will often try to help out the best way they can by maybe offering the ride back for the move or donating towards the expense of moving. A great option for you is to gather all the donations you can and use the services of a budget friendly rental company such as Europcar. You’ll find this especially useful if you have to plan your moving date around the availability of your friends or family. Renting a vehicle gives you the freedom of setting your moving date and travelling at your own leisure. Don’t forget that you can book a one-way journey from one Europcar agency to another.

Truck or van rental to make the move easy


Once you have decided to use a rental, there are still a couple vital bits of details to cover to ensure a perfect back to school move that sees you travelling in comfort and saving some well-needed money: the type of vehicle that is best suited for moving all of your things for example, and if it fits your budget, the number of friends you will be traveling with…

Our large choice of vans will make it all possible.

Planning ahead and making the right decisions saves you time, money, and lots of hassle. Now having all those elements in mind, just go for it!



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