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What to do when you have an hour to spend in…Berlin?

During a business trip, you may have an hour to kill between meetings, before hitting the road or hopping on a plane at Tegel. Take the opportunity to make the most of it and discover a few aspects of the German capital: its lifestyle, architecture, etc. Our recommendations for a successful express visit.

Rising above it all in the Fernsehturm


Behold the view of the entire city from 368 metres (1207 feet) up, at the top of Berlin’s television tower, the tallest structure in Germany. Located in the borough of Mitte, in the heart of the city, you can enjoy moving around, by strolling through its narrow streets to some very hipster shops and restaurants.

Tip: Book your ‘skip-the-queue’ ticket an hour or two in advance on the official website.

Berlin Street food calling


It won’t be hard to get lunch on-the-go in Berlin for a very reasonable price.

The two street food scene specialities in the German capital agree so well with this borderline spirit, that they are absolutely essential:

You can’t compare the Berliner Döner sandwich, having Turkish influences, to anything else. The taste of its meat and varied and tasty vegetables (special mention to the Dürüm variation) will fill you up for just a little money. Purists agree: the best can be found on the Donaustraβe, in the borough of Neukölln.

Currywurst, the second Berlin foodesque institution, is more typically German-inspired: this dish of sausages accompanied by sauce and spices is eaten whilst standing, often on the street. The Alexanderplatz street vendors will know how to delight your taste buds.

For off-the-wall souvenirs, you need to go to Ampelmann


What are the symbols of Berlin? The bear, the television tower, but that’s not all: the ‘Ampelmann’, literally ‘little traffic light men’, are on all of Berlin’s traffic lights and are the remnant of signage that was used in East Germany, with their characteristic shape and hat.

Go and visit the Flagship store that is dedicated to them, just two steps from the Brandenburg Gate. You won’t leave empty-handed! Ampelmann Flagship Store, Unten den Linden 35, 10117 Berlin.



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