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Moving: choose one of the Europcar Move options!

Moving can be a real source of stress. Moving furniture without breaking anything and finding an appropriate vehicle are among the main difficulties. You can count on Europcar to help you have the best possible move.

Move at your own pace and within your budget.

Choosing a moving company is expensive, and may bring a few surprises. If you take care of it yourself, you will often save a significant amount of money. And besides, don’t we say that if you want something done right, to do it yourself? With the least bit of organization, packing the boxes and protecting your furniture and fragile items can be done gradually. Family and friends can lend a hand in carrying everything. And to transport it to your new place, consider Europcar!

Space Calculator: choose the right van

To help manage your moving expenses, we have a large fleet of different size vans (from 3 m³ to 20 m³), that are recent models in excellent condition. And to help you select the vehicle you need and be sure that all your boxes make it, Europcar has designed an easy-to-use space calculator.

An option tailored for you

Our options, in sizes based on your needs, allow you to choose from 3 formulas: mini move for small moves over short distances (half-day hire with 100 km included), easy move (hire by the day with 300 km included) and maxi move for long distance moves (unlimited mileage, vehicle return to a different location).



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