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5 Tips to Feel Energised During Your Business Trip


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Before You Fly

Studies have shown that lack of humidity on flights increases the chance of sickness. The air quickly caused your eyes to become dry and you may be inclined to rub them. This is the worst thing you can do since touching your eyes is a way of transmitting bacteria. To avoid this be sure to wash your hands as often as possible and carry a packet of anti-bacterial wipes in your bag. For long-haul flights a travel pillow is a must pack item. Painful muscles are one of the main causes of tiredness during flights. Placing your neck in a number of uncomfortable positions not only puts pressure on your back but also prevents you from having a good night’s sleep. Once you have travelled with a travel pillow you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.





Sleep is a crucial part of our daily life. It gives our body the time refresh our system to work better. While you travel or work find a downtime to rest. Schedule your commitments and appointments in a way, where you can give yourself at least 5 hours or sleep every day. You can also fix a time at night beyond which you will not work and rest the remaining of the day.


Staying active can be very difficult while travelling especially because flying often includes long periods of sitting. However, there are quick and easy tricks to squeeze in a short exercise session which will leave you feeling fresh and energetic. Head to a hotel fitness centre or any nearby fitness centre for a 20-minute gym session. Alternatively purchase a fitness tracker and get active with a 10 min intensive run or find a quiet spot to do some yoga which will keep you relaxed. If none of these are available, use everything around you for an exercise session e.g. chair squats, push ups, crunches and even pull ups!




Eat Well

Eating well is a challenge for everyone since a lot of business travellers depend on hotel food or do
not have time to cook. However, some easy tips can save your life! One way to combat this is to bring
healthy snacks along with you on your flight and in your car rental e.g. a pack of fruits mixed nuts. This
will save you from giving in to greasy food on the go. A good way to insure that you eat well while
travelling is to plan ahead. Choose hotels that serve healthy food and don’t hesitate to eat at healthy
restaurants. Eat a big meal before you start your day so that you can hold on till you reach a place
which provides with food of your choice.


Probably one of the most essential of these 5 tips, hydrating your body should go without saying
though it is often ignored by most people. Air travel can lead to dehydration which can develop into
other symptoms like fatigue and headaches. When allowed to worsen dizziness can occur, this is
never recommended for drivers since brain functioning can be seriously affected to the point of
confusion. Bringing a water bottle with you for long journeys can combat this away keeping your brain
revived when you are processing new languages, road signs and scenery.

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