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4 Instagram couples to follow around the globe

In days past it used to be the norm to flick through travel magazines for inspiration for your next trip. Fast forward to 2016 you’ll find travel inspiration dispersed all over Instagram. The popular image sharing app has allowed millions to post their holiday pictures for the envy of our eyes, inspiring us to explore new places. In the travel scene it’s couples who are enchanting us with their romantic photos set against spellbinding scenery. So let’s meet some of them.


Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova (@lensbetweenus)

Australian couple Peter and Zuzu are both creatives in their own right. They come together via a joint Instagram page ‘Lens Between Us’ where they each point the lens at one another. The page honors this theme throughout. Taking pictures of each other in numerous locations, so far they have trailed through their home land and made it to Helsinki, Bangkok and London to name a few. Documenting their visits with the date gives their page somewhat of a scrapbook feel. Check them out here in London >






Murad Osmann and Nataly Osmann (@muradosmann)

Probably the most famous of this list, Murad Osmann has been wayfaring with his then girlfriend Nataly Zakharova since 2011. Now married the Russian couple have an audience of over 3.8million followers. It all started when Murad started snapping landscapes while holding Nataly’s hand. Each time he took his photos the sites became gander and each of her outfits became more stylish than the last. They even created their own hashtag #FollowMeTo. Since Paris is always a good idea, follow them there >






Stevo Dirnberger and Chanel Cartell (@howfarfromhome)

Stevo and Chanel had ‘no reason to stay home’ so they left their jobs in South Africa to travel the world for a year. You’ll often see them in shot next to a plaque with numbers on it. The figures represent how many kilometers they are away from home. They were recently spotted around Munich. An hour and a half’s journey from the Bavarian capital in your hired car will land you where these shots were taken.

Close to Munich:





Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale (@eljackson and @hilvees)

Photographer Samuel and his wife Hildegunn are what travel dreams with your loved one look like. The Nordic couple take adventure to mountain tops, coastlines, rivers and valleys all across the globe. 300K+ followers can’t be wrong about these two love birds. You’ll find yourself jumping into your car hire to recreate shots like these. Take a look at their breathtaking photos here >

All over the world:




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