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Top 5 must-dos at Cape Otway!

We’re so excited to be building a sustainable forest along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road!

With breathtaking views, stunning greenery and vibrant wildlife – what isn’t there to love about Cape Otway. Whether you are looking for a private sanctuary to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, or wish to immerse yourself in the rich history of early Australia, make sure you visit our future forest site and make your way to Cape Otway.

Just a few hours drive from Melbourne, this lush green hinterland offers stunning coastal views and fresh crisp air that will breathe life into any winter getaway.

Grab a car, jump in and head down the coast to check out our five must-dos.

1. Explore Otway on horse back

Put the car keys away and throw on your cowboy hat as the first part of your adventure is in a saddle! Just off the Great Ocean Road, a little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne, head to Spring Creek in Bellbrae for a day of horseback riding. The team will take you to tour local sights on your faithful steed or even the Great Otway National Park for a day of amazing riding, including on some of the coastline’s beautiful beaches. Finish your day in the saddle back at Spring Creek, resting up overnight in one of its picturesque mudbrick cabins.

2. Hear the roar of Erskine Waterfall

After a day of riding, upon waking, head west to Lorne to check out one of the most spectacular waterfalls found in Great Otway National Park. Located only a short drive out of Lorne, Erskine Falls is set amid a magical walking trail lined with ancient ferns and trees. Enjoy a refreshing mist on your skin from the base of the falls or climb up the steps to take in the views from one of the highest drops in the region.

3. Paddle with a platypus

Next up is paddle time. Make your way to remote Lake Elizabeth near the township of Forrest, and rest your feet as you relax and drift along the water to spy Australia’s most elusive animal, the platypus, from your canoe. Paddle out at dusk or dawn to witness this 100 million year old mammal dipping and diving in its natural habitat. A truly surreal experience you will always remember, don’t forget to take your camera – the lighting is a photographer’s dream.

4. Step back in time at the Otway Light Station

Craving some fresh ocean air? Jump back in the car for a scenic drive to your next stop at the top of Cape Otway, 14km from the Great Ocean Road. Towering high above the sea cliffs, the Cape Otway Light Station is the oldest surviving lighthouse on Australian mainland. Built in 1848 after numerous shipwrecks on the Bass Straight Coast and King Island, the light station provides breathtaking views of the rugged Victorian coastline. Climb up and step out onto the balcony, cast your eye across the sea, and picture an angry ocean defending the land and battering incoming ships.

Keep your eyes peeled too. The lighthouse is a great spot to watch wales play during the winter months. If you’re feeling a little peckish, grab a homemade scone and coffee from the Lightkeepers Café, located on site.

5. Experience life from above with a treetop adventure

It’s time to finish your trip and put your best foot forward at the famous Otway Fly Tree Top Walk, the longest and tallest elevated walk of its kind in the world. Just one hour’s drive from the light station, and located in idyllic Beech Forest, the Tree Top Walk will have you climbing among the trees like a koala. At 30 metres above ground level and 1.9 kilometres long, it’s a unique vantage point from which to experience the full beauty of Great Otway National Park. Feeling extra adventurous? Head up the Spiral Tower elevated 45 metres above ground level and take in the awesome views of the Victorian coastline from a distance.



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