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Top 5 Affordable Road Trip Tips

Craving an adventure, but a little short on cash? We’ve got the answer to your holiday needs: the Aussie road trip.

Rather than embark on a pricey expedition abroad, you can combine accessibility and affordability with breathtaking scenery, delicious local fare and rich culture and history. Not to mention great company, and the freedom to create your own journey.

Road trips needn’t break the bank, in fact with a few handy tricks up your sleeve you can stretch your dollar further and explore our beautiful backyard in style.

With our top five affordable road trip tips, you’ll soon discover that a little budgeting can take you a long way:

1. The early bird catches the worm

The old adage always plays true, so get planning in advance to take full advantage of cheaper travel deals and specials. With Europcar you can save up to 20 per cent by booking 21 days in advance – use this time as an opportunity to drum up excitement and come up with a creative budget-friendly itinerary.

2. Timing is everything

A great insider tip: vehicle hire, accommodation and flights are often cheaper on weekdays. Be a savvy road tripper and keep this in mind and you’ll be in the running to make significant savings.

3. Take advantage of the benefits

Are you a frequent traveller? Then make sure you reap the benefits and sign up to a frequent flyer program for the possibility of upgrades, cheaper flights and other discounts. With Virgin’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program you can earn up to five points per dollar spent on all eligible domestic fares.

4. Get more bang for your buck

Not only will choosing a car with an in-built satellite navigation system save you from arguments with your travel companions and hours of accidental detours, it will also save you money. You’re looking at up to $11 per day in savings, so make sure you check what’s included when you’re booking – just think of the extra snack budget.

5. Keep calm

Last but not least, travel smart and ensure you have total peace of mind with Europcar’s newest all-inclusive cover product, GoZen. GoZen includes a $0 damage liability fee, providing cover for theft and damage to the vehicle, including damage to the windscreen, headlights and tyres.



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