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The 9 Best Bridge Drives on Earth

Sick of the same day-to-day commute? Set your sights on the world’s most amazing roadways, suspended far above both land and sea. From cable-stayed constructions tucked away in the clouds to two-tiered stone structures hovering above mighty rivers, our guide to the world’s most epic bridge drives is guaranteed to take your next roadtrip to new heights.


Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney, Australia


With one of the world’s best-known bridges in our own backyard, it’s only fitting to kick off our countdown with this iconic set of steel arches. Connecting the city’s cosmopolitan Central Business District to the chic coastal communities of the Northern Beaches, the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s posh surrounds demand a stylish ride suited to the occasion. Treat yourself to a luxury car hire in Sydney and see the city’s crowning jewel from the inside out, while taking in views of the famous Sydney Opera House.

Confederation Bridge: New Brunswick, Canada


A cold contrast to Australia’s world-famous roadway, Canada’s Confederation Bridge is the only structure connecting Prince Edward Island to the country’s mainland. Anchored on the shores of New Brunswick, this concrete bridge is better-known for its function than its beauty. Fortunately, what it lacks in aesthetics is more than made up for by the monochromatic mosaic of white-capped waves and thick sheets of ice jutting out from the arctic waters below.

Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, United States


Arguably the most famed landmark on our list of epic bridge drives, the iconic rust-coloured arches of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge are amongst the most photogenic in the world. Not just a pretty sight, this feat of engineering conquered countless challenges during construction, from relentless winds and thick blankets of fog to the churning seas that have claimed hundreds of ships entering the strait from the Pacific Ocean.

Pearl Bridge: Kobe-Naruto, Japan


Claiming the title of the longest suspension bridge in the world, the sheer size of Japan’s Pearl Bridge puts San Francisco’s better-known bridge of the same style to shame. Spanning a remarkable four kilometres across the Akashi Strait between Kobe and Naruto, opt for an outside lane to steal a glimpse of the striking ocean views.

Millau Viaduct: Millau-Creissels, France


Forget the Eiffel Tower – six hours south of France’s most monumental landmark, the Millau Viaduct stands proud as the world’s tallest bridge, reaching heights that dwarf Paris’ symbolic structure. While this enormous bridge is endowed with panoramic views of the River Tarn Valley on a clear day, its unparalleled altitude is more likely to provide an up-close encounter with clusters of clouds than views into the basin below.

Sidu River Bridge: Hubei Province, China


By Glabb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Not to be confused with the world’s tallest bridge, China’s Sidu River Bridge holds the title as the world’s highest, with the base of its roadway reaching nearly 500 metres into the sky. Surrounded by lush, tree-covered peaks that plummet into the valley below, the Sidu River Bridge is a spectacular sight – provided you don’t get squeamish when suspended far above sea level.

Bosphorus Bridge: Istanbul, Turkey


Spanning the gap between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s Bosphorus Bridge is a unique gateway joining east and west. Open to automobiles only, you’ll need a set of wheels to traverse this spectacular structure. However, once you make the trip, you’ll be able to say you’ve stepped foot in two continents within a matter of minutes, making it more than worth the journey.

Tower Bridge: London, England


Just as picturesque as its many postcards would have you believe, London’s Tower Bridge is one of England’s most recognizable landmarks for a reason. Joining the city’s two sides with a set of dual platforms, you’ll be able to take a cruise across the bridge’s lower deck before doubling back across the top on foot. A stunning 19th century structure built without the benefit of modern engineering, Tower Bridge easily holds its own amongst its more contemporary counterparts.

The Oresund Bridge: Malmo, Sweden


Half bridge, half under-sea tunnel, with a man-made island in-between for good measure – Sweden’s Oresund Bridge isn’t your average thoroughfare. While the Nordic countries are no stranger to architectural ingenuity and seamless design, this is one structure you’ll need to see to believe.

Want to knock a few of these epic bridge drives off your bucket list? Start close to home with a luxury car hire in Sydney and cruise across the world’s most iconic bridges in style.



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