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Avanti Racing Team Announce New Partnerships Amid Record Season

During an unprecedented season of success, Avanti Racing Team is announcing new corporate partnerships the latest being new sponsor Europcar, who joins major sponsors Avanti and Renault Australia.

The Trans-Tasman team is enjoying its best 12-month period on record, and currently boasts riders who hold the titles of New Zealand Road Cycling champion and various Australian State championships.

With the announcement of Europcar as a new sponsor , Avanti Racing Team co-owner Steve Price is excited about the opportunity to work with a business that has been a part of cycling for decades, especially in the European markets, and believes a strong corporate commitment to cycling reflects well on the sport in Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re lucky enough to count some of the most talented cyclists as part of the Avanti Racing Team, and with the support of partners like Europcar we can continue to develop the next generation of top cyclists competing at the highest level. We’re proud of our unprecedented success which began in Hobart, Tasmania in 2000, and with strong partnerships driven by a passion for cycling, we will continue to take on the world and win,” said Mr Price.

Now in its fifteenth year, the Avanti Racing Team has grown from humble beginnings, driven by a desire to offer world-class developmental opportunities for talented local riders. With riders now located across Australia and New Zealand, Avanti Racing has developed and produced more riders for the UCI World Tour than all Oceania-based teams combined; and has won the Cycling Australian National Road Series a record six times.

Europcar Australia Managing Director, Ron Santiago, says the partnership between Avanti and Europcar is driven by the company’s passion for the sport at an elite and grass root level. With road safety central to its business, the team at Europcar Australia saw what Price was building and wanted to contribute in a meaningful way.

“There are few teams who can say they have had a dramatic impact on the development of their sport as a whole; and the Avanti Racing Team continues to demonstrate a passion and commitment to cycling which is making the world sit up and take notice,” said Mr Santiago.



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