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Interesting facts you’d never hear about Le Tour de France

In celebration of the 101st edition of Le Tour De France, 198 cyclists are participating in 21 stages traveling a total of 3,663.5 km. Putting aside rivalries and cheering on our favorite cyclists, we decided to put together some interesting facts in appreciation for the collective effort and energy all participating cyclists have dedicated to this year’s Tour De France.

Have you ever wondered how much energy the Tour De France riders have produced from participating this year? We have, and out of curiosity created these interesting facts that you probably wouldn’t have come across.

Fact #1

Did you know the Tour De France riders produce enough energy (in watts) to make 12,150 espressos?

Enough watts to make 12,150 Espressos

With how much energy the Tour De France riders are using up, you are probably thinking they need to eat a lot to keep going. Well you are right! According to Le Tour De France interesting

Fact #2

If you combined the calories burnt by all the Tour De France riders it would equate to approximately 62,000 meat pies!

How many meat pies

With energy produced or calories burnt aside, if we wanted to measure a cyclist’s distance traveled in height, how high up do Tour De France riders climb?

Fact #3

The average cyclists would be able to climb the Q1 tower a staggering 52 TIMES over the entire tour!

Height Tour de France Riders Climb

Fact #4

The total number of #TDFselfies taken is 322! Thankfully, spectators are becoming more cautious with how they get involved in the action.


Fact #5

The air in all the tyres used during the TDF could fill the equivalent of 19 hot air balloons! Any idea how many tires get used over the duration of the tour?

Hot Air Balloons

During the three-week challenge the peloton tend to wear out a total of 792 tyres!

Fact #6

Ever wondered where Le tour de France spectators go for a bite to eat?

Pubs (2)

There are approximately 588 total pubs along the entire route of the tour!

Fact #7

The total distance traveled by the Tour de France riders is equal to the same distance to travel from Brisbane to Darwin!

Brisbane to Darwin

Fact #8

If you combined the gels consumed by all the Tour de France riders it would equal the same weight as a small compact car, kinda like the type you’d get at Europcar.


Fact #9

Did you know that every year Tour de France riders cycle a total distance equal to the length around Australia, and that’s just for training!

Around Australia



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