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Handy tips for driving to the snow

Driving to Falls Creek this snow season ? Take note of some handy tips that can make your drive safe and hassle-free. 


Petrol is king… without it, you aren’t going anywhere!

Before you even start to unravel the winding roads of the mountain terrain, make sure you have enough fuel to get you to the ski fields and back down to a service station. Falls Creek does not have petrol stations once you start the climb and this can disrupt what should be an effortless drive.

Snow chains will stop you from sliding off the road & lights should be turned on!

Driving will require snow chains as the road is icy and this will reduce your capacity to steer, brake and get traction. Once fitted, it is highly recommended that you take your time and avoid sudden braking or acceleration to maintain control of your car and ensure a safe climb up and down the mountain. In cases where there’s fog, ensure the fog lights and headlights are on to create visibility to oncoming cars.

Car covered in snow… remove it safely and smartly!

When you return to the car after skiing, snowboarding or having that awesome time, don’t be surprised if it’s covered in snow. The important thing to remember is to clear ice from your windows using a stiff plastic scraper and never use hot water on an icy windscreen or metal instruments as this could crack the glass due to the instant change in temperature. You should also remove accumulated snow on your vehicle including roof, boot and bonnet (but never with a sharp or metal instrument) as driving with excess snow on the car is dangerous and creates hazards to other vehicles.

Further information

For more information on driving to Falls Creek and some more helpful hints visit http://www.fallscreek.com.au/ByCar, alternatively visit www.fallscreek.com.au to learn all about the exciting things on offer at Falls Creek.

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