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Europcar announces new mobile booking app

Now available across Australia and New Zealand at your local app store



Smartphones have become so ubiquitous with our everyday life that to imagine a world without one is incomprehensible for most. It’s fair to say that our mobiles have become an integral part of the way we live and consume – and as close to an extension of ourselves as a piece of technology can get.

So reliant are we on our phones, that if asked whether you’d rather lose everything but your wallet or phone, most people would say phone! That’s easy to understand when you consider they have become so much more than just a way to contact people. It’s your diary, photo and music album, your 24-7 access to your friends, a search tool, an alarm clock and a calendar all in one.

At Europcar we get it. You want simplicity, convenience and accessibility in your life and your mobile helps you to achieve those things.

That’s why we have developed a mobile app that allows you to make or manage your bookings from anywhere in the world at any time with minimal fuss.

Europcar Mobile App
Screenshots of our new Smartphone App – making car hire convenient!


New mobile app
Finding one of our branches has never been easier!


Whatever the purpose, whether it is to book a car for business, that long-overdue trip or simply to get an odd job done, you can now do so using your mobile in three simple steps:

1. Choose the time and place of rental
2. Choose the vehicle
3. Payment options: now or at the rental location.

Don’t have an iPhone or Android phone?

You haven’t been forgotten! Europcar’s website has been built to be mobile-friendly, so that you make or manage your booking faster.

Get the App

For iPhone users, simply head here to find it on the App store.
Those on Android can as easily download the app from Google Play here.

Alternatively, visit Europcar.com.au and find out more about how our App can help you get to where you’re going faster!



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