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Tour Down Under Stage 3

Exploring Norwood to Campbelltown During the 3rd Leg of the Tour!

(City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and Campbelltown City Council)

Stand further away… I want to hear what you say!

With the cyclists well on their way in this third stage of this grueling race, the cheering for teams will undoubtedly be reaching peak levels. This may be the perfect time to escape the commotion and venture with the kids to a spot that will educate and amaze their vocal chords. Whisper a little something for your team at one end of the wall and you can hear it from the other end over a hundred metres away. The kids will be tickled pink with this amazing discovery, and it’s a great way to show how a little whisper that cheers on your favourite team can travel a long way.

The whispering wall
The whispering wall

The Whispering Wall, Yettie Road, Williamstown SA 5351
Ph: +61 1300 650 950 (toll free)

Gorge Wildlife Park, where the animals come to cheer.

As the racing continues and the cyclists sail straight past your very eyes, you might not realize that there are a pack of cute cuddly creatures also vying for your affection. Be sure to keep an eye out for the adorable koalas, dingos and bilbys at this point in the race! They may not be wearing your team colours or racing in the Tour Down Under, but they do want to say hello, have a photo taken, and captivate you with their antics. You might even be able to give your treasured koala a hug or two.

Gorge Wildlife Park
Gorge Wildlife Park

Gorge Wildlife Park, 30 Redden Drive, Cudlee Creek SA 5322
Ph: (08) 8389 2206

Adelaide and another winery… but alas, this one’s a keeper.

Stage three and the race is getting hot, competitive, and becoming fiercely contested. As the teams settle in for yet another day of heart-stopping action and as we teamsters marvel at the fitness of these mighty athletes, a short troll to McLaren Vale Estate Winery may be your ultimate winner. With a history steeped in great wine, and a renowned reputation as the producer of some of the finest collectables, this estate is a proud creator of the highly sought after Penfolds range. Don’t forget to swill and sniff!

Penfolds Winery
Penfolds Magill Estate Winery

Penfolds Magill Estate Winery, 78 Penfold Road, Magill SA 5072
Ph: (08) 8301 5400



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