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Europcar announces GoZen – Your peace of mind on the road!

Announcing GoZen – Your peace of mind on the road

You are in a tranquil rainforest, surrounded by towering old-growth trees covered in soft emerald moss.  You can hear a mountain stream playfully bubbling away as the water gushes past a large boulder, sending fine droplets into the fresh air.

The serenity is overwhelming as you lean back into the undergrowth and a large fern drapes itself gracefully in view, shading your eyes from the sunshine peeking through the treetops. In a state of total relaxation and harmony with nature, you close your eyes, until suddenly….BAM!  You’ve awoken from your Zen state to find you’re not in a rainforest at all…

You’re back in your Europcar rental vehicle and a taxi has just slammed into you tail light. This is not how you imagined spending your valuable holiday time and money. That’s why Europcar has introduced GoZen: our newest all-inclusive cover product.

AUDI A1 with
Fancy hiring an AUDI A1? Protect yourself with Zero-Liability cover with GoZen.


Zero-liability for peace of mind

GoZen is available to drivers of any age and comes with zero damage liability that provides you with all-in-one cover. GoZen is designed to give you total peace of mind when accidents happen, so you can stress less on holiday.

The product covers theft and damage and it’s the only product that includes all-in-one cover for damage to the windscreen, headlights and tyres. Also, you can purchase GoZen cover any time when you book your rental vehicle online.

At Europcar, we understand how you live for those moments of driving tranquillity and we are committed to helping you make your upcoming trips as laid back as possible.

Don’t risk it!

So GoZen, you have more important things to worry about on holidays, like where you’ll enjoy a leisurely lunch or which scenic stop on your itinerary will give you the best background for a selfie.

For guaranteed worry-free wandering, GoZen or go home.

For more information about how GoZen protects your back pocket, find out more today.




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