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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

Everyone knows that couples need to choose a special place to tie the knot, but perhaps less people realise that the site of the honeymoon should be allocated just as much consideration as the wedding. This special, intimate holiday that newlyweds embark on to start their lives together marks a wonderfully momentous beginning to married life, cementing the vows of love and companionship that have just been made. If you’re searching for the perfect honeymoon destination, look no further than Australia. No matter what attractions and activities you and your partner have in mind, this big, beautiful country certainly knows how to celebrate romance in style.

Sun setting over the beach
Walking along the beach as the sun goes down

Daylesford, Victoria

The picturesque town of Daylesford is a shining beacon for honeymooners who are looking for a luxurious location in which to lie low and spend some much-needed, one-on-one bonding time. There are wellness centres, bathhouses, massage parlours and day spas galore for couples to be soothed and pampered to perfection. Natural produce is also a point of pride in Daylesford, so the region’s climate and rich volcanic soil produces all kinds of delectable food and beautiful wines. Once you’re feeling rested and rejuvenated, and in need of some stimulation and excitement, stylish and chic city life is only an hour and half’s drive away in Melbourne.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Nature lovers will adore a honeymoon amongst the incredible natural landscape of Cradle Mountain. The visual backdrop is truly amazing; you’ll be tempted to take a hundred photographs against the majestic peaks of the mountain, the glassy waters of the lakes and rivers, the lush green rainforests, and distinctive flora that bursts into beautiful gold and red colours in autumn. There are a great variety of attractions and activities that will allow couples to soak up their natural environment: tobogganing in the winter, canoeing in the summer, day spas and facials, and guided or self-directed walks along the shores and mountainside. The majority of honeymoon accommodation options, such as the romantic Snuggle Away package at Eagles Nest Retreat, take great advantage of the beautiful views and allow for optimum comfort and privacy.

Eagles Nest Retreat
Private views looking out to Cradle Mountain – the height of romance!


Byron Bay, NSW

A honeymoon in Byron Bay is a honeymoon that has it all: wonderful beachside views, spectacular weather, interesting and exciting activities, and of course, your other half. Spend your time exploring the land, sea and air through horse riding and nature walks, scuba diving and snorkelling, or sky diving and ballooning. Along with its adventurous side, Byron Bay is also known for being amazingly cultural. There are plenty of talented local artists in the area who offer visitors the opportunity to view their creations on display, and even learn from their own skills. You’ll be in awe browsing through the gorgeous collections of hand-blown glass, hand-made jewellery, paintings, sculptures and other home wares.

Central Australia, Northern Territory

Redbank Gorge Alice Springs
The natural splendor of Redbank Gorge in Alice Springs


Celebrate your union by spending your honeymoon in the heart of the country. Central Australia is guaranteed to be a unique and stunning desert getaway for couples. Once you’ve set up shop at one of the wonderful, fully-facilitated resorts in Alice Springs, you’ll be all set to discover the area from there. Embark on a beautiful scenic drive on the Red Centre Way, stop for a dip at Redbank Gorge Pools, marvel at the amazing natural landmark of Uluru, or take a camel ride over the desert plains. The opportunities are endless.

Port Douglas, Queensland

This gorgeous seaside village, just an hour’s drive away from lively Cairns, is a well-known tropical paradise within Australia, as its beautifully balmy climate makes it the perfect holiday destination. As the closest town to the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is perfectly situated for honeymooners to enjoy the stunning underwater world by diving or snorkelling. Other fantastic outdoor pursuits await couples in the nearby Daintree Rainforest, which is the oldest living rainforest on earth, and which can be explored by foot, or even by swinging through the treetops! Once you’ve exhausted all the exciting daytime activities, head out and hit up all the award-winning restaurants and great bars in the area, and be sure to order one of the highly popular, delicious mango daiquiris.

Whether you and your significant other would prefer to lounge on the beach, spend an entire day at the spa, hit up the bars in the city or go snorkelling in the deep blue waters, you can do it all and more in Australia. You’ll leave feeling utterly content and refreshed after a beautifully intimate honeymoon together. Don’t forget to check out Europcar’s deals to make the most of your wonderful Australian honeymoon destination and its surrounding attractions.



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