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Melbourne Music Week 2013

All the action at this year’s Melbourne Music Week: 15-24 November

There’s nothing that Melburnians love more than a good festival. Whether it’s film-based, all about the food, or celebrating wonderful music, you can bet that Melburnians will be there in hordes to spectate, gobble, and/or rock out. It’s the latter action that will be happening all over the city this November; the annual Melbourne Music Week is back with a vengeance, and the anticipation is very high after the packed-out performances from the previous two years. 2013’s festival is the biggest (and bound to be the best) one yet, featuring 110 events, half of which are free, and 230 artists across 60 locations, all in collaboration with 90 different event partners.

Melbourne Music Week fun and games
Melbourne takes its music very seriously. (image thanks to 8364994@N02/flickr.com)


Undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of the festival, year in and year out, is that it takes place in a bunch of fantastic sites all over Melbourne. These venues, which comprise a mix of hip bars and cafés, quirky art spaces and other awesome hideouts, highlight not only the lively music scene but also the vibrant urban culture of the city. The line-up for the 2013 Melbourne Music Week is nothing short of spectacular, bringing together the best of local talent as well as other international favourites. The focus for this year is particularly on celebrating the innovative sound of Australian music, so get excited to see all the best musical artists from all over the country based in one amazing city this November.

Check out our top picks for the week below.

Dance Party

Ever wanted to have a giant dance off in a public space? Now you actually have the opportunity to do so! I Oh You, Melbourne’s annual party/club night label, have teamed up with Melbourne Music Week to present the fourth annual I Oh You Party, which will take place in – wait for it – Flagstaff Station. That’s right, I Oh You will be transforming Flagstaff from an orderly, humdrum train station into an eclectic underground dance party. The sound gods for the night are staging some amazing acts, including the brilliants mash-ups of the Yacht Club DJs, indie alt-dance numbers from Northeast Party House, and a one-off reunion show from the one and only Ballarat-based Neon Love.

A Space To Reside

Every Music Week features an incredible pop-up flagship venue, constructed and erected in a pivotal location somewhere in Melbourne. 2011’s festival had the awesome cube-esque structure KUBIK, 2012 featured the cleverly named Where?House warehouse; now 2013 has The Residence, which will soon pop up on the banks of Birrarung Marr. This unique structure will be assembled from a high-tech mishmash of light installations, video projections and amplified sounds, to create what promises to be incredible visual and aural marvel. That’s not even considering the powerhouse acts that will be blasting amazing tunes inside, including New Zealand rock band The Bats and the alternative, Melbourne born-and-bred Beaches.

The Internationals

While 2013’s Music Week is definitely putting the spotlight on local bands, there’s no doubt that the international line-up packs a punch. Australian audiences will be thrilled with the opportunity to be in the live presence of amazing artists such as influential rock band The Bats (New Zealand), electronic musician Nosaj Thing (USA), indie rockers Sonny & The Sunsets (USA), and acclaimed “godfather of glitch” Markus Popp (Germany)

For many Melburnians, music isn’t just sound – it’s a way of life. Corny as that sounds, it’s a sentiment perfectly expressed through the sheer energy and enthusiasm that goes into producing this event every year. Whether you’re keen for a raging dance-a-thon or you’d prefer to chill out to laidback and relaxed tunes, 2013’s Melbourne Music Week promises to bring the best emerging and established Australian artists straight to your city.

Want to see the full program? Find it here.

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