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Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival

Come Alive at Mildura’s Jazz Food and Wine Festival!

1-5 November

Smooth jazz, good food and beautiful wines: with such a delectable line-up as that, how could you go wrong at the Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival? This event always lives up to its promise of delivering a highly relaxing and enjoyable musical and culinary experience for all classy ladies and gentlemen who enjoy the finer things in life. As highly anticipated as ever, the festival spans five days in early November and takes place in a variety of cosy and picturesque locations across the Mildura and Wentworth regions. This year, the festival boasts the talents of several fantastic Australian jazz artists, who will croon lovely dulcet tunes as you eat, drink, laugh and relax alongside friends and family. If you’re a die-hard jazz fanatic, or simply a music enthusiast of any kind, there’s no doubt you’ll love indulging in the warm and cosy atmosphere of this wonderful festival.

City of Mildura at Sunset
Mildura Jazz Festival amid the beautiful surrounds of the city – Image courtesy of skibinski/flickr.com


Lovely Locales

You might be serenaded in a gorgeous candle-lit restaurant, or you might be enjoying jazz tunes while soaking in the glorious sun. Either way, you can guarantee that wherever you go during the festival, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful setting that complements and offsets the live music to perfection.

The action kicks off on Friday night with a stunningly sensual jazz performance at the stylish and sophisticated Mildura Club, followed by a ‘riverboat ramble’ the next day, wherein attendants will be treated to the energetic performance of a smooth jazz ensemble as they sail along the Murray River. That Saturday, the streets will come alive as jazz musicians emerge into the night, producing beautiful tunes in and amongst the gourmet restaurants and chic bars situated along the ever popular Feast Street. Meanwhile, wine aficionados will be pleased to discover that the third day of the festival is taking place at Trentham Estate Winery, where they’ll have the chance to taste some of the winery’s most prestigious batches and treat themselves to a delicious meal, accompanied as always by the charming performances of various jazz ensembles.

Melodic Music

This year, the Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival has collected a range of eclectic, highly talented performers that will undoubtedly impress attendants with their beautiful music. The Beaten Bodies, originally hailing from Sydney, are a hauntingly modern soul collective who produce a gorgeous mishmash of different sound genres, from groove to hip hop to electronic music. The Don Mayne Trio, on the other hand, occupy quite a different position on the jazz spectrum; their three charming members pipe out classical 1930s and 40s tunes that evoke the delightfully vintage feel of eras long past. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Nicola Milan is one of the few solo artists on the festival’s schedule in 2013, but what her performance lacks in numbers, she more than makes up for with her smoky, sensual jazz melodies. After their resounding success in the 2012 festival, the jazz quintet Loose Goose are back with a bang this year, ready to deliver more wonderful old-school jazz hits from the likes of Gerry Mulligan and Frank Sinatra.

If you’re going to be in or around New South Wales in early November, there’s no better way to celebrate the warm spring days and anticipate the fast-approaching summer than to kick back and relax at the Mildura Jazz Food and Wine Festival. Round up your friends and family for what is sure to be a memorable week of sumptuous food and delicious wines, always to be enjoyed with beautiful live jazz tunes softly playing in the background. If you’re planning ahead and considering hiring a car, check out what Europcar has to offer here.



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