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Corroboree Sydney 2013

Corroboree Sydney 2013

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture comes alive in Sydney! (14-24 November)

The name might not give much away about the festival, unless you happen to know that Corroboree is a word synonymous with Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture. Originally derived from the Sydney language word “Carriberie,” what Corroboree describes is a ceremony of singing, dancing and sharing stories. In this way, the name of Corroboree Sydney perfectly depicts the spirit of this wonderful festival, which aims to raise public awareness of and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture. 2013 is the very first year that Corroboree is being launched as a national cultural event, comprised of incredible musical performances, guided tours, live readings and discussions, filmic showcases, and much, much more. This is your chance to truly experience indigenous culture in a uniquely interactive way, to truly engage in learning all about native Australian culture with the magnanimous support of several national organisations and institutions. Check out just a few of amazing locations listed below that are enthusiastically participating in this innovative event, and immerse yourself in the wonderful ingenuity and beautiful creativity of indigenous art, film and literature.

Corroboree Sydney Lineup
Showing the colours at this years Corroboree in Sydney

Corroboree Central

It all starts and ends with this highly central setting, which overlooks Sydney’s harbour and bridge. Many of the festival’s most significant events take place in Corroboree Central, so be sure not to miss out on performances and proceedings such as the stunning Firelight and Firelight Ceremony on opening night, where you can watch in awe as the Corroboree elders graciously receive and light the flame that will burn for the entirely of the festival. The Black Arts Market is another memorable event which is sure to draw crowds, with its showcase of amazing Aboriginal and Torres Straight artworks, sculptures and home wares.

Art Gallery of NSW

One of the most highly anticipated events of the festival is undoubtedly the magnificent Illuminate installation, which will be housed at the Art Gallery of NSW and unveiled from 16 November onwards. This incredible life-sized exhibition, cleverly constructed from paper with the aid of sound and light projections, depicts the culture, community and home life of Goomeroi people, who currently reside in northwest New South Wales, in a highly visual and creatively interactive manner.

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Prepare yourself for a stunningly immersive choreographed live production entitled Dance Clan 3, which uses contemporary movement to convey the legends of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight people. As the country’s foremost indigenous performing arts organisation, Bangarra Dance Theatre specialises in connecting audiences with native Australian stories and journeys, with cultural places both of the mind and of the land. Dance Clan 3 is just another in a long line of incredibly compelling dance performances that encourages the audience to speculate on their own understanding of concepts such as home, family, love and belonging.

Sydney Opera House

The majestic Opera House has long since been an iconic part of Sydney’s cultural and physical landscape, so there’s no doubt that the Corroboree events taking place there will be nothing short of spectacular. The Bennelong Walk is a fascinating guided tour that allows its attendants to explore and learn all about the land on which the Opera House actually stands, which was used as a cultural gathering ground and communal space in the past. Meanwhile, the Songrites Cultural Lab is a definite must-see for all music lovers, as it features the talents of amazing Australian singers and songwriters such as Casey Donovan, Troy Brady and Abe Wright, who will be collaborating with Playwriting Australia directors and dramaturges to work on exploring and expressing their personal stories.

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the many incredible activities and attractions of Corroboree Sydney 2013. Other significant locations that might pique your interest include the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and the State Library of NSW, all of which are hosting their own respective events to celebrate indigenous Australia culture as part of the festival.

If it looks to you as though all of Sydney is eagerly participating in this utterly positive and heart-warming cultural extravaganza, you’d be right! And better yet, you’re officially invited join in the festivities! Take advantage of one of Europcar’s many hire cars to get you in and around Sydney. Flying in to Sydney? No problem! Take a look here for more information.



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