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Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

Lace-up, come on down and join the action at Blackmores Sydney Running Festival!

Sunday 22 September

Alright, we’re just going to come right out and say it…! It’s understandable that at first glance, the Blackmore Sydney Running Festival might not necessarily seem like the most fun activity for absolutely everyone. The truth is while some of us are naturally motivated athletes, others of us just aren’t (cue heavy sigh). However, whether you’re a sprightly running champion, a dedicated couch potato, or you’re somewhere between those two extremes, one of the greatest things about this festival is the way in which you’re able to control exactly how, and even why, you participate.

Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival
Fancy a shuffle? Lace up @ Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival – Image courtesy of bobaliciouslondon/flickr.com


For those of you who started back-pedaling like there’s no tomorrow as soon as you saw the word ‘running,’ rest assured knowing that there’s a variety of methods in which you can join in the festival, and running is just one of these options. The focus and purpose of the day is less about the actual exercise itself than it is about the sense of community, goodwill and team spirit between all participants, who are banding together to support a better cause.

Still feeling a little sceptical? Just check out our list of top 3 reasons why the Blackmore Sydney Running Festival is guaranteed to be an absolutely awesome time.

1 – Helping yourself to help others

While you may be envisioning running as a rather exhausting exercise (no pun intended), you’ll undoubtedly feel amazing knowing that each and every step you take is contributing much-needed money towards your favourite charity, whichever one that is. That’s right – in this festival, participants are able to choose for themselves from a large list of assorted charitable organisations. Whether you’re interested in supporting animal rights, cancer research or human aid, there’s always a valuable cause for you to pledge your run towards, and forming a group to join in the marathon is a great way to build motivation and morale towards your set target. Australian Red Cross, UNICEF, The Salvation Army, and WWF Australia are just a few of the official charities for the event

2 – Run, walk, dance or skip – it’s your choice

There are four different runs that make up the festival, so it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is; there’s a way for everyone to join in and have a great time doing so. The Sydney Marathon is the longest and most intensive route, spanning just over 42 kilometres with a cut-off time of six hours, and passing through some of Sydney’s oldest historic landmarks and most popular sites, including the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens and Circular Quay. The Half Marathon is a little easier to swallow, covering 21 kilometres with a cut-off time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. The hour-and-a-half 9km Bridge Run is just long enough to cover most of the city’s most prestigious attractions, such as The Rocks and Mrs Macquaries Chair. Lastly, the Family Fun Run spans a short and sweet distance of 3.5km, allowing participants to move at their own pace and enjoy a brisk strut or a leisurely stroll among family, friends and acquaintances.

3 – Location, location, location

Whether you live in Australia or you’re an overseas visitor, there’s no denying that travelling the path of any of the four marathon routes is a great way to take in the sights and enjoy the beautiful attractions of Sydney. Runners are constantly surrounded by sea, sky, land and nature as they pass through the loop of the central city. Those who require accommodation for their time in Sydney may be interested in looking into the exclusive rates that the luxurious Menzies Hotel, which is officially affiliated with the running festival, is offering to participants.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers, round up all your friends and prepare yourself for an amazing day that will not only raise your endorphins and prove to be a great bonding experience, but also more importantly help you to raise money for incredibly well-deserving charities.

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