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Europcar first to service Onslow’s resources boom

Leading global car rental company, Europcar, has opened a new branch in Onslow to meet further demand from WA’s booming resources industry.

Demand for the Onslow branch is due to Chevron’s Wheatstone Project in the state’s north – a $25 billion project to supply natural gas across Asia-Pacific.

Europcar Corporate Sales Manager for WA, Jennifer Neal, said the branch would provide much needed specialist commercial vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles, to the many companies involved in the project.

“The Wheatstone project is one of Australia’s largest ever resource projects, located 200 km north of Onslow with an onshore facility 12 km west of Onslow,” Ms Neal said.

“Europcar is the first vehicle rental operator to open in Onslow and will service the FIFO market with a range of quality vehicles.”

Ms Neal said the new branch would also make it much easier for companies to access mine-specced vehicles for the project as required.

“Previously, mine workers had to travel much further to source vehicles for Wheatstone: now that the project is ramping up, we’re able to meet the industry’s needs by providing the vehicles they need in a convenient location,” Ms Neal said.

Europcar has already signed several major accounts associated with the Wheatstone project and has fleeted the Onslow station to meet their customers’ needs.

The fleet includes Europcar’s full range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, dual cab utes, single cab utes, 12-seater vans and a number of 33-seater coaches and meets the safety standards of construction and mine sites.

Europcar Operations Director, Matt Barker, said Europcar had further expansion plans to service the resources industry, looking to open branches in practical locations for their customers and the industry.

“Europcar has a very successful leisure business, enabling us to concentrate on the commercial market, particularly in WA,” Mr Barker said.

“With all that’s happening in the resources sector, it makes sense to be in Onslow and we’re proud to be the first leading commercial vehicle rental provider in the area.”



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