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Europcar waives costs for customers affected by Tasmanian fires

Europcar Australia has announced it will waive rental costs for customers affected by the Tasmanian fires.

Several customers have been forced to abandon their rental vehicles due to the fires across Southern Tasmania however Europcar Tasmania (BAJV) Managing Director, Brendon Ayers, was keen to assure customers they would not be charged for the lost rental revenue or vehicle recovery costs.

“Our customers and their safety are our number one concern and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the Tasmanian bushfires,” Mr Ayers said.

“Europcar would like to assure our customers affected by the bushfires we will not be charging vehicle recovery costs and we will absorb the costs of lost rental revenue.”

Mr Ayers said customers would only be charged for their vehicle rental until the time they informed Europcar they would not be able to return the vehicle, regardless of the duration of their original booking.

“We can only imagine how distressing it must be for those affected by the fires and we are waiving costs associated with recovering our vehicles,” Mr Ayers said.

“We will contact all affected customers directly to close off their rental and return any personal belongings left in our vehicles in an effort to help reduce the stress of this extreme event.”

Affected customers can contact Europcar on 1300 720 055.



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